Black and white photograph of Ginza in the 50s


TokyoMango reader Dak Roland send me a link to this beautiful photo that his father took of Ginza in the 50s. He says:

My Dad was stationed in Roppongi, Tokyo Japan from 1954 until 1956, and took tons of photos when he lived there. I am in the process of scanning them, and he has many photos of this area of Ginza. Here is one…

(Photo by John Kenney)

4 thoughts on “Black and white photograph of Ginza in the 50s

  1. And I’m hoping you’ll post more of them online. That picture looks wonderful. It reminds me of the movie “Always Sanchome no Yuuhi” and with the current nostalgia craze in Japan, they’ll be very popular.

  2. I love this. I have been looking all over the place for pictures of this timeframe, and these are great.
    Any pictures of Shibuya that could be printed as 8×10? I have current ones that I hope I can match the scenes to contrast them.

  3. @Dach – you should check out the paraody Alldays: ni-chome no asahi – hilarious.
    ni-chome as in Shinjuku ni-chome…