TokyoMango’s “I’ll make you a Make t-shirt” contest

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One of the highlights of last week’s ETech—besides giving a presentation—was hanging out with the Make Magazine folks while making t-shirts on their portable t-shirt press. I made one with three super-cute characters designed by Mark Frauenfelder that reminded me of me, Ruby, and Malcolm taking a morning walk. It must have been obvious how much I loved it because Mark kindly gave me a bunch of templates that I could iron onto t-shirts myself. Anyway! I decided I’m gonna share the love with a TokyoMango “I’ll Make You a Make T-Shirt” contest.

Here are the contest rules:
Make up a fake headline for a TokyoMango story. If you want, you can write the article too. See The Onion for inspiration. Get creative, but not derogatory, please–I’ll post the winning entry here after the contest is over. Email: mango [at] tokyomango [dot] com with subject line: Make t-shirt contest. Deadline is Monday, March 23, a week from today.

The winner will get a Make t-shirt custom-made by yours truly! You can see some more designs at the Maker Shed apparel store to get an idea of what the t-shirt might look like. But be warned—the final design will be at my discretion.

5 thoughts on “TokyoMango’s “I’ll make you a Make t-shirt” contest

  1. “Japanese Highscool Students Discuss Girls and Food Walking Home From Baseball Practice”
    Students from the local Highschool, Daisuke and Hitoshi discussed the girls they thought were the prettiest in their year at highschool. “I’m sure Ayumi is the prettiest,” said Hitoshi, “But Daisuke thinks it’s Mariko, he’s crazy!”
    On being pressed, Daisuke reveals: “It’s not just that she’s pretty, I also throw better when she wishes me luck the day before the game. I also like to eat a donut before the game – after I’ve finished my lunch noodles.” After a pause he adds, “I hope we can make Kōshien tournament this year!”
    Throwing a ball to be hit with a stick, superstition, bizarre foods, all just another day for a pair of young Japanese people, no matter how strange it seems to us overseas.

  2. “Kawaii cyborg causes havoc in Marunouchi area”
    If you were over by Tokyo station last night, you probably noticed the female cyborg that caused some trouble there. My friend Momoko called me and said that she appeared in some kind of soap bubble. I was up in Akihabara so I took a taxi and headed south. By the time I got there, it was a scene of panic.
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    It didn’t look like anyone was hurt, but there were come crashed cars. Momoko said the cyborg went into a restaurant, but hasn’t heard anything since then.
    I was about to walk up to the restaurant when a man in an overcoat came flying out the window!
    By the time I got to my phone, a more interesting picture emerged. The cyborg herself, running out of the restaurant dragging a hapless man behind her! I was able to snap a quick picture of her:
    After that, they disappeared, and it was business as usual. I didn’t see anything about it on the news the next day. But, that’s what makes this place so much fun. So much stuff going on, the news can’t keep up with it all.

  3. “Chindogu To Save World”
    Chiba student, Reiko Tanaka’s Chindogu pollution reduction machine is to be scaled up in modified form and deployed the world over as the central thrust of the United Nations Global Warming Solution.
    “I was mostly having fun when I designed the pollution magnet.” Says the quiet Chiba native. “I have studied enough physics to know it theoretically possible but it seemed practically unobtainable. I wasn’t expecting that my relaxation from the practical problem by deliberately being absurd would lead to the breakthrough or I would have been much sillier much earlier!” She adds with a small laugh. “I’m just pleased it seems to be working out. We’re in this together so let’s hope for the best. Now you will ask me what I will work on next, but understand this has to work before than can be any next at all.”
    In Ms Tanaka we can say our future is in good hands.

  4. Hi Lisa,
    What time is the cut off for this contest because I’m still working on mine and probably won’t submit it until tonight after some proof reading.