Tetris block-shaped stuffed toys


Check out these little Tetris block-shaped stuffed toys. You can use them for hugging, puzzle-solving, playing fetch with the dog, or simply as a nice touch to your living room furniture.

via Daily Portal Z (Japanese)

9 thoughts on “Tetris block-shaped stuffed toys

  1. They look, in color and form, like tetrapod dolos, those giant concrete forms used on harbors and what not.

  2. I’ve seen these cast in concrete acting as man-made barriers around harbors -you see them in one of the Godzilla movies or Ultraman episodes where kids are playing on the waterfront. IIRC they were originally used on beaches in WWII to foil landings. Very cool nontheless.

  3. @ SHiNiCHi
    I guess primarily to protect the Japanese shoreline, but I guess also to keep Japanese construction companies busy.