Shower cap for men makes hair grow back

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This funny-looking shower cap is actually a new hair regrowth tool. It’s made of soft composite rubber, and has a giant hole at the top. When you shower, you’re supposed to put the cap on and pour warm water into that hole–it’s designed to capture the steam in such a way that it opens and cleans out scapt pores and allows repressed hair to come out again. It costs about $90.

Product page via Impress Watch (Japanese)

3 thoughts on “Shower cap for men makes hair grow back

  1. I really hope I don’t become a bald old guy, there’s just so many products and stuff for hair growth out there that I’m scared O_o I wouldn’t mind giving this one a try since it’s only $90 🙂
    Keep up the good work!
    (BTW: I just talked mangoes on my blog, would like to have an idea of how much a mango costs in Tokyo ^^ ->