Royce strawberry chocolate is yummy


My friend gave me this awesome box of raw chocolates from Japan. It’s apparently a pretty famous chocolatier based in Hokkaido, called Royce. The special edition flavor of the season is strawberry. I think I ate half the box while watching America’s Next Top Model season premiere tonight. I must say, the Japanese might be more famous for fresh fish and Kobe beef, but they make some pretty good chocolate too. I think the trick is that it’s not too sweet or heavy—I usually can’t even finish one piece of Godiva or Ghirardelli’s.

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2 thoughts on “Royce strawberry chocolate is yummy

  1. Hey… this is interesting! I will be in Hokkaido next month. Maybe I’ll surprise my wife with a box of these. Regarding your story, I think that chocolates and cakes of Japanese patissiers are indeed less sweet and heavy than for example the products of their Dutch ‘colleagues’ in Europe. At least, my (Japanese) wife always complains about the sweetness and heaviness of Dutch chocolates and cakes.

  2. Yummy !
    The same I love european dark 95% cacao chocolate, love that special Kit Kat japanese editions…