Gourmet ramen joint has $100 emperor bowl

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Fujimaki Gekijo is the fanciest ramen joint in Tokyo. In fact, with it’s basic 3000 yen bowl ($30!) I feel like I should really be calling it a ramen restaurant. 40-year old owner Shoichi Fujimaki opened up shop last May when he realized that people were willing to pay a premium for things like rare ingredients and quality service. He had a normal-priced shop before, but he closed it, rented a fancy 2-story space in Kami Meguro, and laid down red carpets and put art on the walls. I have never been here, nor do I know if I’m willing to pay 3000 yen for ramen that he admits is no different ingredients-wise than something a third of the price. But hey, if you’re in the mood to splurge, you should go there and try the Emperor Ramen, it’s 10,000 yen and you need to reserve it three days in advance. The web site says that this restaurant will be members only from 2010, so now’s your chance.

Fujimaki Gekijo via the Japan Times (Thanks, Mary!)

4 thoughts on “Gourmet ramen joint has $100 emperor bowl

  1. …this is a RAMEN joint right?? Member’s only? I know Tokyo people love these type of things but come on…
    And I would think chairs like that would be difficult to eat ramen in. You need a bench or stool so you can easily rock forward, put your head right over the bowl and SLURRRRP.
    I’m willing to stand in line for a few minutes for good ramen or tsukemen (I recommend Tetsu in Shinagawa…awesome) and I’ve paid up to 1000yen for a bowl but…eeesh…
    But good for him. He’s exploiting the “serebu” thing so he’s better than me!!

  2. Must taste sensational, he’s maybe using ground up pearl powder or crushed silk worm cocoons in his ramen?
    Be interesting to do a follow up in 6 months and see if he’s still in business or his prices have altered.