Video: Jesse rapping at Club Asia

One of the few non-work-related thing I did in Tokyo this past trip was go see some of my kohai from high school perform at a night club in Shibuya. They’re actually pretty famous—the guy in this video is Jesse, he was the lead singer in a band called Rize and now has a bunch of outfits that he raps with, including
, which has a new album coming out mid-month. My good friend Colin is their sound engineer, so he made me a CD and got us backstage. That’s where I took this video from.

Jesse, my friend Lara, and I always took the train to school together. I had no idea then that he had so much passion for music. After the concert, I was like, hey! You became so good! And he was like, Right? This is all I’ve been doing since high school! That, and he got a ton of tattoos.

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