Desperate job-hunting woman arrested for 2ch bomb threat against NTT

ImagesA 22-year old slightly crazy woman was arrested for posting a message on 2channel that threatened to blow up an office building belonging to Nippon Telephone and Telgraph’s staffing agency if she wasn’t hired for a job. Satomi Hachisu had gone there on February 12 to interview and take a test for a part-time position. Later that night, she started a thread on 2ch that read:

“If Satomi Hachi(dot), who came for an interview today isn’t hired, then the NTT Solco building will be blown up.”

Hachiya has been unemployed for over a year now; she was getting desperate, I guess. Of course, NTT was able to track down where the listing was posted from—hello, lady, this is NTT, the telephone company! She was promptly locked up, and of course, not hired.


One thought on “Desperate job-hunting woman arrested for 2ch bomb threat against NTT

  1. God, what a stupid thing to do. She’ll be lucky if she gets hired *anywhere* now, ever.
    This honestly sounds like it was probably a joke, but it was a dumb one to make in public. She just ruined her career prospects for the forseeable future.