Cradle automatically rocks baby to sleep


Check out this awesome automated baby cradle. It costs over $4K, but for new parents who are tired of getting up every few hours to rock their baby back to sleep, it could be worth it. The Suima does the rocking for you based on an embedded sound sensor that detects crying noises. It’s programmed to start with a quick-paced rocking, then slowly settles into the pace of the mom’s heartbeat; and eventually, it rocks slower and slower to a more sleep-inducing pace. If all goes according to plan, the baby should be asleep again within 15 minutes.

You can also rent one for about $100/month, which is smart, because babies grow out of stuff really fast.

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via Impress Watch (Japanese)

3 thoughts on “Cradle automatically rocks baby to sleep

  1. Erm… You know that Asians have been using something like that for more than the past 20 years at less than 10% of the cost?
    It’s a cloth thingy connected to a cloth hanger lookalike thingy which is connected to 4 springs and finally connected to a motor which moves the cloth thingy which the baby is in up and down….
    Recently met my sister’s in-laws from France and they were amazed at the device…