Abductee’s son prepares to meet North Korean spy

TagutiWhen Koichiro Iizuka was 21, his uncle told him the truth about his mother—that she was abducted by North Korean spies when he was one year old. Now 32, Iizuka is going to have the interesting opportunity to meet anex-North Korean spy, Kim Hyun-Hee, in South Korea tomorrow. The mother, Yaeko Taguchi, was abducted in Tokyo when she was 22, then taken to North Korea where she was forced to teach spies Japanese. Kim was one of her students. She was later arrested for bombing Korean Air Flight 858m from Abu Dhabi to Bangkok and killing over 100 people who were on board.

Iizuka and his uncle, Taguchi’s brother, are hoping to find out a little bit about what she was like. “(I want) to hear about her manners, her habits, and catch a glimpse of my mother,” he told the Mainichi.


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