Urawaza in the New York Times

9780811862158I was quoted in the New York Times yesterday, in an article about low-tech fixes to high-tech problems:

Today’s shaky economy is likely to produce many more such tricks. “In postwar Japan, the economy wasn’t doing so great, so you couldn’t get everyday-use items like household cleaners,” says Lisa Katayama, author of “Urawaza,” a book named after the Japanese term for clever lifestyle tips and tricks. “So people looked for ways to do with what they had.”


2 thoughts on “Urawaza in the New York Times

  1. People looking to save on their expenses could really benefit from this book, especially these days. Perhaps a new print run should feature the secondary heading “Time-tested tips for troubled times”, or something like that.

  2. Hi Lisa,
    just posted about Urawaza and your book for my new blog, adoptthis.blogspot.com
    Hope that’s okay. Love your stuff!