RPG gadget tells you whether you’re spending too much $


This handy digital device is kinda like Mint.com, a Nintendo DS, a MMORPG, and your mother all bundled up into one little white box. It’s called “Cost-Cutting Warrior Wallet Saver” and it’s another wonderful little functional toy by Takara Tomy. When you first open it up, you have to pick a team to be on–the yellow warriors, the red warriors, etc. The screen is maneuverable by stylus pen; the goal is to keep the Cost-Cutting Gods happy and to keep the Spending Devil Sisters away.

The game then divides your financial goals by genre–food, fashion, leisure, etc. Every day, you have to log in your spending. Promptly at midnight every day, the machine calculates your spending against your goal, and then tells you whether you’re in the red or the black that day. If you’ve stayed above 50% of our goal, you get to watch a heated battle between your warrior and the Spending Devil Sisters. If you level up, you can continue onto the next stage. The game has over 30 stages, and I guess the idea is that by the time you’ve gotten to the end, you would have already mastered some great spending habits that will hopefully accompany you for life.

The Cost-Cutting Warrior Wallet Saver is about $35 on Amazon Japan.

Product page via Impress Watch (Japanese)

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