My passport, and why the Japanese post office sucks

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I take everything positive I ever said about the Japanese post office back. It turns out that my passport was at the Osaki post office since February 13th, 3 days after my consular appointment. I still missed my flight on the 21st because we never got a notice in the mail, they didn’t come back to redeliver, and when we called them numerous times to ask if it was there, they said no. No, no no. It’s not here. There’s no way we would have lost or misplaced it. Today, finally, I paid the embassy $20 to tell me the tracking number for the package, and when I looked it up online I found out it has been sitting at the post office for 10 days.

I had to buy a new plane ticket and am now on my way to Narita to catch a flight back to SF.

I just reread this post and I realize it doesn’t make that much sense. But hey! I’m just glad I’m going home.

12 thoughts on “My passport, and why the Japanese post office sucks

  1. The real question is how did you get your fingers in that unique position? haha So happy you get to go home, sounds like you went through a rough time!

  2. What’s not clear from your story is why your passport was being mailed around Japan in the first place. What started this bureaucratic adventure?

  3. When it works, it works great… When it doesn’t? Well…in the end they are just another beaurocratic organization (-_-) I, at least, got to go pick up my Japanese passport at Chiba so I gladly took some time off from work to have it handed to me as opposed to mailed…
    Good to hear you got it though and you can resume your travels.

  4. Gang sign? I just have a thumb injury 🙂
    I was getting my US visa processed, and the embassy mails it back to you when they’re done. Silly system.