My favorite buy of the week: lotus root jewelry


I fell in love with this gold-and-silver lotus root pendant. I first saw it at this awesome little wa-themed jewelry store in Omotesando, and then bought it online. Each of their designs is linked to a Japanese value, like peace or persistence in hard work. The lotus root represents behind-the-scenes efforts that often go under-appreciated but are nonetheless important because they lead to great success later. I actually just bought it because I like eating lotus root, and I like geometric designs, but hey, the inner meaning is a nice touch.


4 thoughts on “My favorite buy of the week: lotus root jewelry

  1. Those are two things missing in my diet when in the U.S. My friends mom makes them a little spicy and they’re great. Well, to me, flavorful more than spicy.
    They’re both crunchy and great tasting sides, but look different. Maybe she is hungry for some gobo. Mmmm renkon and gobo. (Sounds like two characters on a child’s cartoon show.)