Music and subcultures at the Japan Society tomorrow

0226_YearAhead2_mediumI’m moderating a panel discussion on Japanese contemporary society & subcultures & music tomorrow night at the Japan Society of Northern California. It’s only $15 to attend, so come by if you can!

Japanese teens and pre-teens are helping to boost Japan’s sluggish economy as they devour popular culture, from electronics and fashion to books and music. Others are expressing themselves through less mainstream behaviors. How does today’s youth culture reflect deeper, more complex issues—such as race, gender and cultural politics—in Japan? Two experts on youth culture will discuss current trends in music and alternative subcultures as they forecast how these trends may shape future generations.

Details here.

2 thoughts on “Music and subcultures at the Japan Society tomorrow

  1. Sounds interesting. Shame I’m on the other side of the country or else I probably would have dropped by. Any chance on getting some cliff notes following the discussion?

  2. What else will you do in SF, I didn’t hear about this talk till after the fact. Will you be speaking or doing other ‘meetups’ while here?
    Also, if anyone has notes on this talk. Please post them.