Laptop sleeve makes my MacBook look like a Edo period tidal wave


I’ve been on the lookout for a good laptop case for my new 13″ MacBook forever, but it’s surprisingly hard–too big, too flimsy, too ugly, too lumpy… I ended up ordering and returning a whole bunch, but finally, I’ve found my match. Foofshop in Australia makes these snug, cuddly MacBook and iPod Touch cases using fabrics imported from Japan. As you can see, it makes my laptop look like a cold stormy night from the Edo period. It fits the computer perfectly and isn’t too bulky, which is awesome, because the whole reason I downgraded from a 15″ MBP was so I could fit it into my purse. It’s $42 for the laptop case and $20 for the iPod case which, apparently, is cheaper than usual because of the exchange rate.

One thought on “Laptop sleeve makes my MacBook look like a Edo period tidal wave

  1. If that is the new unibody macbook, you probably know this, but the new mini display port that replaced the DVI out is really flakey. Until apple sorts out if it is a hard firm or software problem, I’d have a backup ready to go before you use it to give any presentations. We have a relatively new projector than none of our new macbooks or MBPs can properly connect to. OS 10 knows a second display is connected, but nothing is displayed on the projector.