Jay Horinouchi’s lonely axelotl art


TokyoMango reader Jay Horinouchi is having an art exhibit in LA next month. I like this piece a lot. It’s called Blind, and it reminds me of Erina Matsui’s axelotls. (I interviewed her for my NPR piece earlier this month.) Anyway, here’s his explanation of the piece:

I had just graduated from college so I was confused about a lot of things… finding the right job, working through a relationship, etc. The left side represents going with the grain, doing what’s expected of me and finding contentment in what everyone else finds contentment in (very Japanese). The right side represents going against the flow, even if I’m alone in doing so. I wanted to evoke the thought of who really is “Blind” in this kind of scenario? To blindly follow your heart or blindly follow the crowd, which is worse? Haha, did that make sense?

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