iPhone app Bowcam barks, get your dogs attention

You don’t have to make silly noises to get your dog’s attention for a picture anymore. The Bowcam, made by Japanese start-up Appliya, has 10 different barking noises to choose from to get your pup’s attention for the snapshot. The dog in this demo vid just kinda looks over, but Ruby would cock her head to one side and look surprised. I’m in Tokyo right now, but when I get back to Ruby I will try this one out and post some pics! (If I can get my hands on an iPhone, that is.)

One thought on “iPhone app Bowcam barks, get your dogs attention

  1. It’s too bad the iPhone camera is junky. I think one day Apple will get it right.
    I purchased a 2G 4GB model from a friend a year ago and thought they would be inexpensive now, but they’re selling on eBay for the price I bought it. I don’t use it as a phone, but it’s fun to play with since it’s jailbroken.
    I wanted to try out their “Ghost Cam Lite”, but it, as well as some other applications, won’t run on the 2G phone. 🙁