Homeless Japanese women dubbed “love hotel refugees”

LoveHotelNikkan Gendai recently wrote about what they call “love hotel refugees,” a subset of jobless, homeless women who sleep in love hotel rooms.This trend comes after Internet and manga cafe refugees made headlines around the world over the last few years. I met an Internet cafe refugee once. Apparently there are even “Makku” refugees—people who sleep in McDonalds.

Love hotel refugees are women and girls who hang out near love hotels looking for guys to bunk up with for the night, securing a good night’s rest on the bed they paid for. (The idea is that the guys will leave after sex, and let the women use the room until checkout.)

Speaking of love hotels, a book called Love Hotels: An Inside Look at Japan’s Sexual Playgrounds came out last year and gives a very comprehensive explanation of the whole phenomenon. For some beautiful photos of love hotels, check out Love Hotels: The Hidden Fantasy Rooms of Japan by Natsuo Kirino.

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via Tokyo Reporter

One thought on “Homeless Japanese women dubbed “love hotel refugees”

  1. Interesting. I presume they discuss the type of room before they enter, as it’s my understanding you pay different prices upon if you “rest”, or “stay”.
    The koibito calls them ecchi hoteru. I’ve never used as I always rent out an apartment. I’m thinking perhaps one time we might try…until she says; “chigaou”! Followed up with a quick; “baka”.
    Times are tough indeed. While this type of daily rental is nothing new for girls in the business, it’s probably quite another for those trying to get by.