BMW decked out in anime


If you want your car to have serious cred among otaku, then turn it into an itasha. It’s exactly what it looks like—a car decked out in manga, anime, and video game art, removable (thank god) and often depicting cutsey 2D girls. This one has the animated vocaloid Hatsune Miku all over it, and doubles as a major publicity stint for Crypton, Nico Nico Douga, Good Smile, and I guess for BMW too.


2 thoughts on “BMW decked out in anime

  1. I dislike car wraps. They invariably are some vaguely coherant, questionably executed Photoshop Filter Porn. That’s when they don’t just look absurd.
    If I won this car in an auction… I wouldn’t change a thing. Granted my sex life with terminate, but I lurve Hatsune Miku. The character and the very idea of her. And the artwork is actually a very cool cutesy counterbalance to the masculinity of the car.

  2. This is the new fad in Japan called “itasha” Combining the words “itai” (“painful”) and “sha” (vehicle). So yeah its a painful car. They even have a cover story about the fad on “Super Street” magazine. It hasn’t made it over here but I’m sure its coming. Maybe I’ll take the first leap. I’m sure it’ll be a lady magnet (rolls eyes). Oh I believe that BMW drove the 24 hours of Le mans.