Ayumi Hamasaki to release her next album on a USB drive

Usb_nextlevelSuper-famous Japanese pop singer Ayumi Hamasaki has just announced that she will release her next album, which comes out on March 25th, on a USB stick. The diamond-studded heart-shaped pretty little thing is the first album in Japan to ever be released in this format. It’s a 2-gig drive with the album taking up about 800-megs, so you get to use the rest of the storage space for whatever you want. Interesting concept. I bet it will sell out really fast since it has that collector’s item look and feel.

Link (Thanks, Rik!)

3 thoughts on “Ayumi Hamasaki to release her next album on a USB drive

  1. You’re welcome! Thanks for using it :D
    And Blaine, that USB will be housing the “CD+DVD” version of the album, so that includes not just 13 songs but 6 music videos and a digital booklet as well.

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