Watch Japanese comedy show Gaki on Hulu

Gakiattack_banner_125X125cWoohoo! I mean, Hulu! Japanese TV is coming to the US. NTV (Nippon Television) is partnering with Hulu to bring cool Japanese game shows, the real kind, not the fake kind, to the US. Check out episodes of Gaki, in which comedy team Downtown do things like get stuck in a gym for 24 hours, or compete in Golf Club Assault Battle, Chili Bean Paste Smearing Battle, and Mini Champagne Ass Catch Battle. You can also watch the entire Nasubi series from Denpa Shonen, a classic. It’s great for getting your daily dose of Japanese humor, if you’re one of those people that needs that. No more digging around YouTube for something worth watching.

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2 thoughts on “Watch Japanese comedy show Gaki on Hulu

  1. I don’t know if its because I don’t have a hulu account but I can only watch 5 Nasubi episodes….Are there more than 5 (Funako episodes don’t count)

  2. Yeah, I think Lisa’s gotten a little ahead of herself 🙂
    There are more than 5 episodes of Denpa Shonen – Nasubi, but that’s all they’ve posted so far. I don’t know if they plan to post the rest at some point, but it’s been like this for a month or two now. It’s kind of weird that they’d just leave it incomplete like that.