Obama action figure lounging in a kotatsu


I love this Barack Obama action figure—not just because I love the new president, which I do, but because here he is lounging Japanese winter-style in a kotatsu. A kotatsu, in case you have the misfortune of never having sat in one, is an amazing table-heated blanket hybrid piece of furniture that, until recently, was the centerpiece of almost every Japanese living room. We used to have one when I was a kid. Sometimes there’s even a hole in the floor that you can dangle your legs in. Here, Obama is hanging out with his legs in the kotatsu, and he’s about to eat a mikan (tangerine) and play Super Famicom.

Link (Thanks, David!)

6 thoughts on “Obama action figure lounging in a kotatsu

  1. Lisa – how can we buy one of these? I dont speak Japanese. Is there a link on this website where I can purchase the action figure? This is great! Thanks!

  2. Though I’m guessing the oranges might be referencing the 「はい、みかん。」 thing. Since well, yes, mikan is close enough to yes we can.
    There’s enough references in the poses as there are from James Bond to Macross Frontier that I wouldn’t be surprised.

  3. Hello,I bought a Kotatsu at Mitsuwa-store in Arlington heights,IL 60005.
    It was approx. $250.
    I put a bed cover instead of a futon. We are watching TV from this Kotatsu. Set my thermostat at lower temp to cut gas cost!