Dear Miye: radio show about a Nisei woman during WW2

Picture 1On the car yesterday, I was listening to a great radio show by Soundprint, about a Japanese-American woman who got stuck in Japan during World War 2—her ship was headed home to America when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, so it turned back, and she ended up staying in Japan, getting married there, and finally—finally!—being able to go back to America years later. It was a great show that blended real commentary by the woman, now-elderly Mary Kimoto Tomita—with a younger voice reading her the letters she wrote to her best friend, Miye, from Japan circal 1939-1946. The letters are showcased in a book called Dear Miye: Letters Home From Japan 1939-1946 (Asian America); but if you’re interested, I highly recommend you listen to the radio show, which you can get here.

One thought on “Dear Miye: radio show about a Nisei woman during WW2

  1. Yeah, a lot of the Kibei got screwed during the war. My granduncle was stuck in Japan and ended up in the Imperial Japanese Army in Manchuria. He insists he was an engineer, but I’ve also heard he was a machinegunner. How he avoided capture by the Russians and made it back to Japan (and then the US) I’ll probably never know. He was apparently back by ’48 or so, though.