Bikinis + old man + lots of lotion = lotion curling game show

This is a funny, horrifying clip of a Japanese game show featuring 30 hot girls in bikinis, one old man, and lots and lots of lotion. In the first challenge, called “lotion curling,” they try to see how far the guy can slide across a row of bikini-ed, lotion-ed up girls. My thoughts as I watched this were:
– I would NEVER want some old dude sliding across my chest, especially if I was wearing a bikini.
– If I had to be in that row of girls, I would want to be towards the end of the row. Not the beginning.
– How much did they pay these girls to do this?

2 thoughts on “Bikinis + old man + lots of lotion = lotion curling game show

  1. I saw the whole program on TV, a “sport competition” between a young fit guy and an old sukebe. It was fabulous! The latter is a great comedian!
    You can still watch this excellent part on:
    Other challenges were that those 30 girls would fill the maximum number of pastic balls (big as apples) in the underwears of those two men. Once more, ojiisan won…