Video of tourists licking fish at Tsukiji

This video gives us a brief in-depth look into why the Tsukiji Fish Market decided to ban tourists for its busy season this month. The first segment features a group of drunk Londoners touching and licking the fish; then a couple blocks street traffic by taking photos; then two white guys ride around in the vehicles used to transport fish around. The Japanese guy interviewed makes a valid point: he says they allowed tourists here because they thought it would be an interesting learning experience to see how the fish market operated; but at the point where they are blatantly disrupting operations, its time for an intervention. More info on Japan Probe.

2 thoughts on “Video of tourists licking fish at Tsukiji

  1. I saw this video on the news the other night. I never saw this kind of activity, but I can clearly see why tourists are banned. Just disgusting. I forgot about the idiots that party all night in Roppongi, then head to Tsukiji on the first Hibiya train at 5AM.
    The shutdown was on the news again last night. They’ve posted signs in English and people were being given the boot. I hope they allow tourists again, but still think they should have a path for the tourists to follow. Disobey and go to the local koban while they look at your passport for eight hours.
    It clearly is a tourist attraction and will affect the economy somewhat of the shops and eateries around there. A few bad eggs and lack of guidelines and or a path for tourists to follow has resulted again in the banning of visitors.

  2. They should ban the idiots, no the tourists. I would never do such a stupid thing. Still there are some respectful people overseas.