Urawaza is a great Christmas-colored holiday gift

By the way, if you haven’t done your Christmas shopping yet, and you don’t want to spend tons of money on stuff you don’t know if people will like… my book, Urawaza: Secret Everyday Tips and Tricks from Japan
might be a good gift for your quirky, hard-to-please Japanophile friend. You can tell him you met the author on the Internet.

Look, it even has a Christmas-colored cover!

By the way, I’ll be doing a holiday card giveaway contest later this week. Make sure you check back in for a chance to receive an awesome Japanese pop art postcard from yours truly.

Buy Urawaza: Secret Everyday Tips and Tricks from Japan

6 thoughts on “Urawaza is a great Christmas-colored holiday gift

  1. Oh man, I want the postcard.
    I have this book I got from Barnes and Noble thats called “The Encyclopedia of Japanese Pop Culture” It’s one of my favorite books, if you don’t know of it Lisa, I think you would definitely enjoy it.

  2. Lisa, I stumbled across your page while faking out my boss and pretending to do research on the computer. I spent the day aimlessly backtracking through your past entries and finally caught up. =)
    Looking forward to more posts..=) have a nice day.
    ps. I also read your mangobot and totally enjoyed your top 5 monsters in japan.. =)

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