TokyoMango reader holiday wish list


Hey guys! It’s December 17th and that means that the TokyoMango Holiday postcard contest is official over! I got lots of letters from all of you, thank you. I picked 20 readers at random to send holiday cards to. Those should be getting to you shortly…so keep an eye out!

More importantly, you all sent me emails saying what Japan-themed holiday present you wanted this year. It’s an amazing compilation of all the great things people miss or desire from Japan.

The TokyoMango reader holiday wish list:

– fresh, hot takoyaki (Tracy from Towson, MD)
– a black shoji table…or a USB humidifier (Jeff from Reseda, CA)
– ski trip with onsen and amazing Japanese food (Rachel from Taipei, Taiwan)
– reconnect with exchange program tutor circa 2005 (Atte from Tampere, Finland)
– a visit from the amazing and yummy Tadanobu Asano! (Amanda from Statesboro, GA)

– “Ankipan” or “Dokodemo Door” from Doraemon (Bela from Minneapolis, MN)
edamame keychain (Caitlin from Portland, OR)
– to see the sunrise from the top of Mt. Fuji again (Caio from Brazil)
– a Japanese cell phone (Lisa from Olympia, WA)
– anything by Naoto Hattori (Pamela from New Smyrna Beach, FL)
– handmade finger puppets from Puppet House in Iidabashi (Ricky Grove from Los Angeles, CA)
– a microwaveable rice cooker (Bev from Kearneysville, WV)
– a kotatsu (Amy from San Jose, CA)
– to meet up with old Japanese friends (Andrew from Vancouver, Canada)
– Bat-Manga!: The Secret History of Batman in Japan (Andrew from Rialto, CA)
– a samurai sword (Reya from Muntinlupa City, Philippines)
– a bottle of good sake. You know, the kind you can only get if you know a guy who knows a guy. (Jack from Wilmington, DE)
– a cast-iron Japanese style tea pot (Patrick from San Antonio, TX)
– a decent tatami mat (Vito from London, UK)
– a Trigun cross necklace from Final Fantasy (Daniel from La Crosse, WI)
– a public transportation as good as the one in Tokyo for the Bay Area (Jack from Santa Clara, CA)
– a Hello Kitty Fender Stratocaster (Tove from Jarfalla, Sweden)
– chu-hi, i miss chu-hi 😛 (Adam from West Perth, Australia)
– a Star Wars Pachinko machine (Nicole from Roxbury Crossing, MA)
– a Tokyo Flash watch or a katana sword (Pedro from Caracas, Venezuela)
– a Yoji Yamamoto coat I tried on in Aoyama last month (Philip from New York City)
– an air-conditioned multifunctional toilet (Constant from Alkmaar, the Netherlands)
– a Japanese boyfriend under my tree (Molly from Auckland, New Zealand)
– an AIBO that plays soccer (Yuval from New York City)
– authentic Japanese woodblock prints (Julian from Clovis, CA)
– a trip to Japan in autumn (Michelle from Sarawak, Malaysia)
– a life-sized Gachapin doll (Rima from Waipahu, HI)
– fresh picked sansai from Akita ken (Hugh from Auckland, New Zealand)
– a Katamari Damacy bento box (Peter from Duisburg, Germany)
Happy Holidays!!

2 thoughts on “TokyoMango reader holiday wish list

  1. Public transportation is awesome in Japan! Well, my experience is limited to the greater Tokyo and Kyoto areas.
    +10pts. for the Chu-Hi mention