Photos of crazy commuter train rush in Tokyo

Picture 1

Tony McNicol sez:

credit crunch? commuter crush!

He took this and other great photos of rush hour human train traffic in Tokyo, found here.

One thought on “Photos of crazy commuter train rush in Tokyo

  1. Oh…been there, done that, but what’s really not fun, is the “drunk rush”. I live way north in Tokyo and there’s a craZy drunk rush for those last trains on the Hibiya line on Friday and Saturday sometimes. If you score a seat you’re good, but some stops (North of Roppongi mind you) get crazy with a rush and death push trying to fit everyone in. Fortunately I’m a sizable gaijin, or my petit koibito would have been crushed had I not been able to put my hands up against the wall. I saved another couple in front of me some grief as well.