Enter to win the TokyoMango cool holiday postcard contest

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Dear TokyoMango Readers,

Happy Holidays!

This year, instead of just putting up a bunch of silly Santa posts on my blog, I've decided to send out personalized Holiday Cards to my readers. Last Gasp and Chronicle Books (the guys who published Urawaza) are two smart, creative book publishers who also have these amazing Japanese art postcard collections by artists like Ai Yamaguchi, Nara Yoshitomo, Hideshi Hino, and the guys at Gama-Go. 

Since I can't send out postcards to everybody, I'm going to have a little contest. All you need to do is email a short letter to tokyomango [at] gmail [dot] com with the subject line "TokyoMango Holiday Card" telling me what Japan-related thing you want for Christmas. I'll pick 20 entries at random to send these very special postcards to, so don't forget to include your mailing address in the email!

Those of you who don't win…keep an eye out for a blog post around Christmas with a giant list of everything TokyoMango readers want for Christmas. Feel free to send images too. Contest deadline is Wednesday, Dec 17th.

Thanks for reading!

Love, Lisa

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