Ai Iijima predicted her death on TV

I just found this video from a variety show few years back in which Ai Iijima talks about a famous fortune teller she saw in Taiwan. The fortune teller told Iijima that she would disappear in three years. When Iijima asked what she mean, the fortune teller said: “When you die, you can’t take anything with you,” and started crying. Iijima tells the audience: Maybe you can use this video in three years. I’m curious to see what happens.

Iijima was found dead in her apartment in Shibuya on Christmas Eve.

One thought on “Ai Iijima predicted her death on TV

  1. Sad Day… She was so amazing. Gotta say that I only really knew her from her appearances on “London Hearts”, found out later that she was so active in the AIDS awareness movement…