Purikura makes radio host crave boy band concerts

Kurt Andersen wrote something funny about our outing to a Purikura booth yesterday on the Studio360 blog. An excerpt: 

Once inside, you’re cued to pose in particular ways — to “vogue”
according to prescribed super-cute situations. And then, in a second
both, one adds stars and hearts and unicorns and flowers and mushrooms
and and letters and numbers to one’s portrait at will. And the final
product is a postcard-sized, adhesive-backed montage of 24 photos,
which is supposed to be cut into 24 individual stickers and shared with
one’s BFFs. I now have an uncanny desire to attend a boy-band concert
with Lisa.

We will most definitely be attending the next New Kids on the Block show when we get back to the US. (Can you believe they got back together for a new album this year? WTF?)


One thought on “Purikura makes radio host crave boy band concerts

  1. Grab a Polaroid Pogo and you can have this fun anywhere. It kicks out pictures in a minute via bluetooth, or USB if needed from your phone, or whatnot.
    While not the most quality of pictures, it’s for fun.