I’m speaking about Japanese tech culture at ETech

I was invited to speak at ETech, O’Reilly’s annual flagship emerging technology conference. It will be held in March in San Jose, CA. My thingy will be on Wednesday, March 11 at 2:55PM, and I’ll be talking about seemingly strange web apps and gadgets that actually give us great insight into the foundations of Japanese popular culture. The conference is kinda expensive, but there are some great speakers on the lineup—Joi Ito, Gary Wolf, Mary Lou Jepsen—well worth it if you want to hear some of the best idea people talk about what’s up and coming. Details on my talk are here.

2 thoughts on “I’m speaking about Japanese tech culture at ETech

  1. Of course, it has to be during the school week. It’s in my city, but I doubt that i’d be allowed off of school to go to something like this. Ah well.