Where to sell used otaku goods in Tokyo


Last week, I went to Nakano Broadway—the real mecca for geeks (critics say Akiba has become tourist heaven)—with moot, the mysterious guy who founded 4chan (yes, I did meet him, you can believe me or not believe me, I don’t care). We just walked around for a couple hours, I bought a superhero Gachapon and he bought a lighter and a figurine. I felt like taking pictures here would disrupt the otaku safe-haven-like atmosphere, but was fascinated enough by this kaitorisho—where people can sell everything from used manga to old cosplay costumes to random toys found in their home—to take a couple of quick photos. How in the world do they put values on things here? It’s so interesting. For example, the sign below claims that Peko-chan goods will sell for very high prices. The girl in the pink wig was selling a ton of random stuff.


2 thoughts on “Where to sell used otaku goods in Tokyo

  1. Oh, you met Moot! Thats cool, what’s he like?
    I just came across your site after looking for Gyaru news, and I really like your blog! Its funky and real interesting. Ciao0o0o