Come to my Urawaza talk at the FCCJ in Tokyo next Monday

I’ve been asked to talk about my book, Urawaza, at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan’s Book Break on Monday, October 20th in Tokyo. I am planning to talk about the book a little bit, but also about why writing for magazines is sometimes harder than publishing a book, and about blogging and writing about Japan and all kinds of other fun stuff. Since I’m pretty sure I will run out of things to talk about after a half hour or so, I’m hoping to turn it into a discussion on writing about Japan. So please show up if you can!

Get more info on the event and on how to sign up on the FCCJ Web site. 1850 yen includes dinner.

UPDATE: I just found out that you need to be on my "guest list" to sign up. So if you want to come, email me with the subject line "FCCJ Guest List" and include your name and phone # and commitment to pay 1850. I’ll email back a confirmation. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Come to my Urawaza talk at the FCCJ in Tokyo next Monday

  1. …oooh. I’m here for a trade show at the Big Site and will be here next week too… Got a meeting that evening though… Hmmm.