Me at the FCCJ, tired. Hungry.


That’s me after my talk at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan on Monday. 30-40 people came, an interesting mix of journalists and my parents’ friends and some others. I think it went well! I talked about the challenges of writing about Japan for a US audience. I didn’t eat the chicken-and-avocado dinner that was served to me before the talk because I didn’t want to be bloated while I talked.

5 thoughts on “Me at the FCCJ, tired. Hungry.

  1. O_O omg you are a girl!? I had been reading your blog for a long while now and I was under the impression that you are a guy?! (I never got aroudn to read the about section) why would I thought that you are a guy…. oh yea, you got some really good picks with your bikini pix 😛
    and yea you are cute!!