The 10 commandments of a maid cafe


A maid cafe is not an excuse for you to be naughty. Here’s a list of 10 things that are totally illegal, as clearly stated on the door of a maid cafe in Akiba:

1. Touching a maid’s body.
2. Asking for a maid’s phone number.
3. Asking for a maid’s email address.
4. Infringing on a maid’s privacy. Ask what time she gets off work.
5. Stalking or persistently picking up a maid.
6. Waiting for her to come in and out, or lingering outside the cafe.
7. Harming the employees, guests, or neighbors of this cafe.
8. Taking photos of the maids or the interior and exterior of the cafe.
9. Bringing outside food or drink into the cafe.
10. Smoking on the stairs outside the cafe.

The sign at the bottom claims that the cafe has teamed up with the secret service for surveillance and enforcement of these rules.

2 thoughts on “The 10 commandments of a maid cafe

  1. I was surprised when I went to a maid cafe by how normal most of the people were. I know that’s kind of an insult to people who go to maid cafes, but I think most people understand there’s kind of a stigma. But I swear, it was a cool crowd even for Akihabara! And there were a lot of girls there too.
    We (my wife and I) got one of those photos with one of the maids like you posted earlier too. She was really nice, and just a normal college girl.

  2. I think it’s because if you want to touch girls, there’s other places that have those kind of services… most of the time the people go there for the cosplay aspect of the whole situation. Hostess clubs with cosplay themes would probably fit the bill better there.
    On the other hand, those 10 commandments would probably work at any restaurant in general here in the states… ;D