Takahashi Meijin, the first gamer geek ever

Before gamer geeks became a dime a dozen, there was Takahashi Meijin. Takahashi was hugely famous and all over TV from the mid-to-late 80s because he was so good at every Family Computer games. Game software company Hudson actually hired him under the title “Meijin” (or expert)—his job was just to be really, really good at all their games. He can push a button with his finger 16 times per second. If you watch him play, he has absolutely no wasted movements—not even an extra blink, ever!

In this video, he says: “I’m actually pretty clumsy. It’s possible that you might be better at the next new game than me.” It shows his life story—born in Sapporo, dropped out of college, got a job at a supermarket, then eventually became a game software salesperson in Akihabara. He decided it would help him be a better salesman if he was good at the games, so he went home and practiced until he became the world’s first gaming expert. (Thanks, Baker!)

One thought on “Takahashi Meijin, the first gamer geek ever

  1. He was also the basis for the main character of Hudson’s Adventure Island game series (they renamed the character “Master Higgins” outside Japan)