Nagi Noda, super-talented Japanese pop artist, is dead

Nagi Nagi Noda, talented, internationally famous artist and director who put her own unique artsy-girly high fashion sense on the international art scene map, died on Sunday.

Noda was born in Tokyo in 1973. She went to some really good art schools in the city before establishing her own studio, Uchu Country, in 2003. Since then, she went on to create ads for Nike and Coca-cola, album covers and music videos for artists ranging from Hikaru Utada to the Scissor Sisters, and a whole bunch of creative cool shit like the artsy poodle exercise video I posted a few months ago. In the US, she was represented by Partizan Entertainment and well-known in the NY art scene for being super-fun to hang out with. One of her newest now-posthumous creations is the upcoming album cover for Japanese singer MEG, which comes out on 9/17.

Her death was apparently due to complications from surgery she had after a bad car accident last year. She must have known she was going to die, because she got dressed up for it—she was wearing a Mark Ryden dress, Chanel boots, and Viktor and Rolf black lace eyelashes. 

Noda kept a scantly updated English language blog, where she wrote about nights out with fellow Partizan director Michel Gondry and other designer/artist friends. Her last post was in June—she blogged about going to a Miu Miu show wearing one of her awesome animal hair hats.

This is one of my favorite Nagi Noda-directed music videos:

love seeing talented, proactive Japanese women make it big time, and am
sad to hear that she’s gone. You will be missed, Nagi Noda.

Link (Thanks, Susannah!)

3 thoughts on “Nagi Noda, super-talented Japanese pop artist, is dead

  1. Nagi Noda, Japanese artist and director, has passed away.

    The beautiful, eccentric, and talented multimedia artist Nagi Noda has died. Back in 2004 I blogged about video Noda did in which she dressed up like a poodle-person and did aerobics with a chorus line of bipedal poodle people. Her work was weird and …

  2. Ugh, that’s depressing.
    I really digged some of her videos and packaging design. And the new MEG album cover is lovely. Bummer 🙁