Instant ramen in a can


Geeks don’t have time to eat a real meal when they’re figurine shopping in Akihabara. That’s why every fifth vending machine on the street sells real warm meals in a can, like oden, ramen, beef&potatoes, and Chinese noodles. Each one is about $3. They first started selling these canned dinners in front of an old school electronics store a few years ago, and it was a huge hit. Now it’s all over town. But only really in Akiba, I think—has anyone seen it elsewhere?

I was gonna try one but my brother stopped me. Why ruin my appetite with this junk when I was about to go get a real meal? Maybe next time.

11 thoughts on “Instant ramen in a can

  1. I saw a canned bread machine at a train station in Hokkaido one time, but that’s the most weird one out of Akiba I’ve ever seen.

  2. On my last trip, a bunch of us went to those vending machine. The stew was ok. The ramen was eh. Even the cold drinkable purin was not where near as good as another vending machine we found in Ikekuburo. It is an experience.
    I agree the bread in a can was much better and more unique.

  3. The vending machines with canned ramen aren’t that common, but i’ve even seen one in Takayama, so i’m sure that there are others out there.

  4. These are actually known as “Akiba-can”.
    They’re pretty crappy. But the idea is to provide sustenance for guys hanging out all night in manga-kissa and playing video games at net cafes or whatever.

  5. We had to try one of these when we were in Akiba this past weekend, and I have to agree with the folks above — they are pretty awful.