Giant Anti-2Ch Online Forum for Women


There are many reasons to hate 2-channel. It’s messy. It’s unmoderated. People say so much bad shit there that it hurts your ears even when you’re just reading. The guy who runs it is kind of a dick. Enter Hatsugen Komachi, a similarly anonymous giant Japanese online bulletin, except this one is made for women and run by Yomiuri newspaper. And the ads are not all related to porn.

Our friends at translated some of the thread topics. The sample subjects are interesting insights into what Japanese women today are worried about and discussing:

* My 61 year old daddy is going to travel with a woman, and he kept it secret to my mother. Should I tell my mom?

* In my childhood, my mom told me that my neighbour described me as
a ‘very ugly baby’. Now I’m in my 30s, but still I can’t overcome that

* My husband is an Otaku, and has many robot toys. I can’t bear it,
so I discarded all those garbages while he’s working. We fought over it
when he came back home. Getting mad by discarding toys, what a childish
person he is? How can I make him regret? Give me advice! (She got lots
of blaming replies)

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