This Week on MangoBot: Mac Funamizu’s Gadget Designs from the Future

Future_search41_petitinventionMac Funamizu
is a tech geek, designer, and futurist who has created quite a lot of
buzz among design circles for his innovative gadgets from the future.
The 38-year old Tokyo native has always loved Apple, Google, and
Starbucks, but he always felt inconvenienced by the extra steps
involved in using them. (Why mouth off a complex multi-conditional
order of coffee when you could just customize your cup of joe online?
Why doesn’t Google Maps give you more than just a topographic image of
what you’re looking at?) At first, his ideas were just rough sketches
in his Moleskine. But then he started posting his neat, provocative
ideas online, and now developers are contacting him to try and make
some of them a reality.

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