Pop-the-Edamame Cell Phone Strap


A while ago, I did a post about bubble wrap mania, a phenomenon by which normal people become seriously obsessed with bubble wrap and the sensation of pushing and popping those little air-filled plastic bumps. Well, apparently, pushing edamame out of their pods is another fun sensation worthy of being commercialized. These fake foamy edamame have little alien-or-smiley-faced pods inside of them that pop up pleasantly and then tuck back in so you can do it over and over. Perfect for those with restless fingers, OCD, or who just love edamame.

Product page (Japanese)

3 thoughts on “Pop-the-Edamame Cell Phone Strap

  1. I rarely took the time to look at the ‘multitude’ of straps hanging from a woman’s portable, but a few times I actually did spot those green edamame thingies, similar to this.
    Sometimes its fun to look at all the junk “some” people hang from their phones.
    Hmm…I find there’s a difference when there’s a lot of straps hanging from a phone. With my friends little niece it’s cute, but as the age of the person increases, the more interesting it gets. The same little girls father was a bit embarrassed when he saw me eying his phone out of curiosity, which he quickly explained in his best English & Japanese that his daughter put them on there. I replied with a drawn out “so nan da” and we had a good laugh.

  2. Pop-the-Edamame Cell Phone strap is poppy

    We all have tiny and trivial fiddling fetishes, which doesn’t seem to fade away with the growing age. How many grandpas have you seen, who flip their Ballpoint pens even at age eighty? It can’t be called a bad…