Pics from my Book Signing at Double Punch


I had a book signing yesterday at Double Punch. It’s this super cute toy store in North Beach with an art gallery upstairs (featuring Piximix, an art collective specializing in awesome characters like a deviled Pikachu saying "I hate you.") A few friends came, some fans, and one guy who came to yell at me about how some of the tricks advocated morally bad things. (I explained that it’s not a moral book, but a fun book. He eventually left.) Pics after the jump.


Ben and Jeremy from my Wednesday night volleyball league showed up, bought books, and painted their nails while holding tennis balls for stability. I drew a gimpy volleyball on Jeremy’s, so instead of letting me screw up his copy, Ben just asked me to put a thought bubble on Ruby’s pic on the back flap.


Chris is a TokyoMango reader. He sang Michael Jackson’s Thriller while holding a wine bottle up. Holding heavy weights up high makes your larynx vibrate faster, and you can reach higher pitches.


Ruby came too, but stayed in her bag pretty much the whole time.


Ryan drew his favorite character, Squirrelly, smudge-free on a t-shirt by dousing it with hairspray first.

Many many thanks to the gracious owners of DP for hosting the
event, and to Melissa Tan for organizing and promoting it.

Urawaza: Secret Everyday Tips and Tricks from Japan [Amazon]

4 thoughts on “Pics from my Book Signing at Double Punch

  1. Thank God you’re only posting the picture of me singing Thriller and not the video. I think I actually scared someone away with that!
    It was great meeting Lisa, Brian, Yuka and the other lovely tall girl there whose name escapes me. Looking forward to another book someday! Get busy, Lisa! 🙂

  2. Hey Lisa!
    This is my first comment here but I’ve been around here reading your blog for several weeks now.
    Just wanna say I’m gonna try and find your book in Amsterdam next week, there’s a Japanese bookstore there. I’d like to learn some tricks and tips from Japan ^__^