Mangobot: Four Anime Robots That Made Me More Human

On Mangobot, my biweekly futurism column, I write about four anime robots that influenced my childhood—Astro Boy, Arale-chan, Doraemon, and Gundam.

My childhood hero was a purple-haired robot who spends all her free
time poking poop with a stick. Like all good Japanese children, my
formative years were influenced by manga robot heroes—two-dimensional,
two-legged machines that first existed in simple black-and-white on

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One thought on “Mangobot: Four Anime Robots That Made Me More Human

  1. Doraemon is my hero!! I love him. LOVE HIM!! To this day, when I hear the theme song I get a smile on my face and can’t help but at least hum along if not sing along 😀