Akino Kondoh Artsy Video Features Creepy-Cool B&W Girl

This is a strangely mesmerizing animated music video created by Chiba-born artist Akino Kondoh. It features a folk-ish song about body-less children and a little Daria-esque morphing girl in black-and-white. Kondoh’s work has been featured in museums across the world, including cities like Stockholm, Shanghai, and Boston.

5 thoughts on “Akino Kondoh Artsy Video Features Creepy-Cool B&W Girl

  1. Akino Kondoh’s black-and-white video art

    Akino Kondoh is a Japanese contemporary artist who makes neat black-and-white video art. This one is called Ladybirds’ Requiem. She uses pencil, pastel, and acrylic for the original illustrations, combines them on Photoshop, and then adds motion using…

  2. I saw “電車かもしれない” Kondoh at Digista and I was really fascinated by this surrealistic Taishô-girl 🙂
    Thank you for sharing it!