Announcing the WoodBot Contest Winner

Thanks everyone for sending me robot jokes for my WoodBot Contest! I had some good laughs, but I have to say, the dirty joke got me. Sophie from Sacramento, I’ll be sending you a WoodBot in the mail soon. And here’s the winning robot joke:

Two friends are meeting for lunch one afternoon. One shows up to the other’s office for their lunch date. As he’s entering the office, he notices a hot secretary sitting at the reception desk.
"Hey, bud. How are you?"
"I’m good. Hey, that new secretary of yours is beautiful!"
"Well, I’m glad you like her. Believe it or not, she’s a robot!
"No way! How could that be?"
"She’s the latest model from Japan. Let me tell you how she works. If
you squeeze her left breast, she takes dictation. If you squeeze her
right breast, she organizes your file cabinets. And that’s not all, you can also have sex with her!"
"You’re kidding, right?"
"Nope. She’s something, huh? Tell you what. I’ll let you borrow her."
So his friend takes her into the restroom and is in there for a while. Suddenly, he hears his friend screaming in pain.
The guy says, "Oh crap! I forgot to tell him her ass is a pencil sharpener!"

3 thoughts on “Announcing the WoodBot Contest Winner

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