The 74-Year Old Male Porn Star

A_postcard_tokyo_0617The man on the left is Shigeo Tokuda. No, he’s not a retiree or a businessman. He’s a porn star. The 74-year old husband and father has turned his old age and knowledge of sex and gentleman-like nature and wrinkly body into a highly marketable commodity. Today, he’s one of the most well-known actors in Japan’s billion-dollar porn industry. He stars in movies with titles like Forbidden Elderly Care and Maniac Training of Lolitas.

Tokuda thinks he’ll be starting in porn until age 80. In an interview with Time Magazine, he says: 
"People of my age generally have shame, so they are very hesitant to show
their private parts. But I am proud of myself doing something they cannot."

Someone has to watch this and tell me how it is.

via Neatorama

6 thoughts on “The 74-Year Old Male Porn Star

  1. Ughh…my gf would look at me all craZy if I cued this up on the DVD. I’d rather not see this guy and the older gals on the 50″ screen. Region 2 be damned, I’m not watching this.
    Power to you Tokuda-san, but this is one title I’m not picking up in Akiba.