How to Cure Constipation With the Push of a Finger

If you’ve ever gotten a shiatsu massage, you know that a finger in the right spot can make soreness go away. Many Japanese also believe that the same method—that of finding the tsubo, or pressure points, in your body—can cure everything from eye strain from excessive computer use to constipation. Here are a couple examples. Check out a couple of examples below from my Urawaza book.

The image above shows a pressure point called the kangen, which is thought to cure the chills. Simply push on the area right above your butt crack as shown in the diagram.

Constipation The one on the right is for constipation. Not a problem I have that often, but for those of you who do, you just have to press down on that little nook between your thumb and index finger on your right side.

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3 thoughts on “How to Cure Constipation With the Push of a Finger

  1. Lisa, I have a friend that uses the exact spot illustrated in your second example as a point for relieving stomach pain.

  2. AHH. I have been coming to your blog for awhile now, but I had no idea who you really were. But now I do, because I just bought your urawaza book last week.

  3. Great advice.
    I heard that the Russian astronauts are advised to rub their belly in the same way, if they want to cure depression in space.