Come to my Book Signing at Double Punch


Save the date: I’m having a book signing at Double Punch, a fun Japanese toy store in North Beach (San Francisco) on Sunday, July 13th from 1-3pm. Stop by to buy my book and get it signed, to check out some cool figurines and t-shirts, or to just hang out!

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5 thoughts on “Come to my Book Signing at Double Punch

  1. ahhh! i saw this at virgin and i thought “this is the book she wrote, isn’t it?!” but then i looked at the jacket and it didn’t say tokyomango as a site, so i was confused. i knew it was you, and i am too tired to make sense.

  2. You have to come to Boston sometime! You should write more helpful books like this; I actually used the ice bucket trick during a trip to Canada.